Clean code. We mean it.

Focus On Nice And Clean UI, MyTyme App is user friendly and very easy to use.It has nice and clean UI.User will enjoy when using it.

Focus On Keep Connected With Family And Freinds

You are always connected with your Freinds and Family.Instant Messaging can done using MyTyme.MyTyme keep you updated from the acvitity of your friends and Family and creates the feel of togetherness.

Focus On Sharing And Reserving Memories

You can share memories with your Family instantly and can see later on what you have shared. just give it a try!

Information Feed!

Shows posts posted by individuals you follow.

Profile. Just take a look.

Shows your profile together with timeline, gallery, individuals you’re related with, details about you.


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Trending pictures

Probably the most entertaining part of this platform the place users can discover newest in addition to prime pictures posted on community. Build your community!


This platform helps actual time notifiations in addition to easy noifications for brand spanking new messages and new profile interactions.

Far more!

There are variety of options which aren’t listed!

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Show your profile in brand new way thanks to MyTyme

MyTyme promises to change how we socialize, connect, and share our stories. What makes MyTyme unique? Well, first of all, it's geared towards all ages and designed to help families connect, rather than pull them apart.

MyTyme aims to help families bond, without the violence and negativity witnessed on most social media platforms. Each user will have their own MyTyme story, and they can update it as they make memories and spend time with friends and family members.

Make MyTyme your time, all the time!

From getting a new job to going to college or having a baby, MyTyme will capture it all and make sure that you don't miss out anything. What are you waiting for? Make MyTyme your time, today!

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